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December 2016

Message from the President

Message from the President
Peter Murray, MD
On behalf of the AAHS Board of Directors, I would like to welcome everyone at the 2017 Annual Meeting to be held at the Hilton Waikoloa Village on Hawaii’s Big Island. The theme of the Annual Meeting will be "Patient Safety". We are also pleased to welcome our friends and colleagues from the 2017 Guest Society, the Romanian Society for Surgery of the Hand (RSSH). Highlights of the meeting include guest speakers Dr. Stuart Weinstein, Dr. Peter Stern and Alex Parker, Ph.D. The Hilton Waikoloa Village was voted a Top 10 Hawaii family resort by Travel & Leisure Magazine and offers no shortage of family activities. Dr. Marco Rizzo and Terri Wolfe have put together an outstanding scientific meeting that I know you will enjoy. I look forward to seeing you there!

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Message from the Endowment President

Message from the Endowment President
Jeffery Greenberg, MD
As the year winds down and as my term as HSE President comes to an end, I want to update you on the activities of your Endowment and give you some idea as to what we are planning for the upcoming calendar year.

Building on the success of reaching our fund raising goal of $1M in 2015 through individual donations and pledges from generous members, including strong participation from the AAHS and HSE Boards, we continued to fundraise in 2016. With generous contributions, the Endowment has been able to continue to fund its programs promoting global hand health.

Programs supported in 2016 included funding 6 Volunteer Scholarships to Honduras, Island of St. Vincent’s, Trinidad & Tobago, Haiti and Ghana for trainees and hand therapists. Utilizing a $5K grant, Aviva Wolff OTR/L, MA, CHT, the 2016 Vargas Award recipient, traveled to Guatemala with the Guatemala Healing Hands Foundation. This was the GHHF's 11th mission to this country. During the Scottsdale meeting the Inaugural Lean & Green Award was presented to Dr. Mark E. Baratz from Pittsburgh, PA , and the Humanitarian Award was awarded to Lynn Bassini, MA, OTR/L, CHT. These individuals were honored for their dedication to bettering our profession as well as the community.

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Hand Care Roundtable
PIP Central Slip and Fracture: Many Different Approaches

Roundtable panelists Dr. Donald Lalonde, Dr. Randy Bindra, Dr. Steve Lee and therapist Gwendoyn van Strien convened
around a table to discuss tendon and bony injuries around the PIP joint while at the IFSSH meeting in Buenos Aires,
Argentina in October 2016.

Read the Roundtable transcript

Coding Corner - PIP Joints

Coding Corner
Eon Shin, MD
This edition of the Hand Surgery Quarterly features a round table discussion on tendon and bony injuries around the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint. The types of injuries are varied, as are the treatment approaches. We will focus on surgical codes for management of these clinically significant problems.

Central slip injuries around the PIP joint typically fall into one of two categories: (1) acute, or (2) chronic. Acute open injuries will typically require irrigation and debridement of the affected joint with surgical repair of the extensor mechanism. Closed injuries may be treated conservatively at first. With operative fixation, CPT 26418 (extensor tendon repair without graft) or CPT 26420 (extensor tendon repair with free graft) are appropriate descriptors of the work involved. In unusual cases where there is PIP joint instability or subluxation, CPT 26776 or CPT 26785 may be reasonable to reflect the work involved in reducing the PIP joint and stabilizing the joint with a Kirschner wire. show/hide article

From the Editor

From the Editor
Thomas Hughes, MD
As we come to the end of the year, it is always a time for reflection about what has transpired over the preceeding 12 months. The AAHS is planning a tremendous annual meeting in Hawaii with record-breaking registration levels. There will be many educational and social events to engage the participants throughout the week. I hope those that have not planned to attend this year will consider joining us next year in Puerto Rico for the 2018 meeting. show/hide article
Therapists Corner - Relative Motion Flexion

Therapists Corner
Julianne Howell, PT, MS, CHT

RMF Concept
RMF requires the metacarpal phalangeal joint (MCPJ) of the involved finger(s) to be positioned in maximum flexion compared to the non-injured fingers which are placed in at least 15-20° less MCPJ flexion (Figure 1).

RMF Rationale
"Each finger is a tube of interwoven aponeurosis, with each fiber having the distinct ability to move independently."

PW Brand2
Dr. Brand’s insight reminds us how the fibers of the extensor apparatus (Figure 2) work in harmony to produce balanced finger motion and that a shift in this balance, for example as in an extensor zone III injury will result in loss of proximal phalangeal joint (PIPJ) extension. If this imbalance is unchecked, the forces applied through the remaining fibers of the apparatus progress to a boutonniere deformity. Similarly, adhesion formation between a proximal phalanx fracture and the extensor apparatus interrupt excursion of the apparatus causing a PIPJ extension lag.

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What to Know Before You Go

Download the FREE Meeting Mobile App to view the full program, speakers and abstracts!
To download, click here or go to your App Store and searching for AAHS, ASPN, ASRM 2017 Meeting. You are strongly encouraged to download the mobile app for the AAHS, ASPN, ASRM Annual Meetings, as the mobile app will serve as the main program for reference for the 2017 program. A brief printed schedule of events will be provided at the registration desk. Visit the AAHS website to view more mobile app details and features.

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AAOS Clinician Scholar Career Development Program Participant Report

As a candidate member of AAHS, I have had several opportunities to participate in events that have prepared me for career in hand surgery. Most recently, I applied for the opportunity to participate in the Clinical Scholars Development Program. I hoped that the program would enhance the knowledge and skills I need to be a successful investigator and mentor. I was thrilled to learn that AAHS sponsored my participation in this program.

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AAHS Awards Announcements
Please join the AAHS in congratulating the following award recipients
to be honored in 2017!

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Hand Surgery Update VI
In 1994, the American Society for Surgery of the Hand published the first Hand Surgery Update under the editorship of Dr. Paul Manske as a brainchild of Dr. James Urbaniak (President, American Society for Surgery of the Hand, 1991-1992). The stated goal of that original work was to "present a synopsis of important information, by established hand surgeons, from recently published articles."

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