Hand Surgery Endowment Pledge Now Donate Now

As AAHS celebrates its 50th Anniversary, it looks to you to help continue the legacy of the Hand Association and the Hand Surgery Endowment.

Over the last few years, the HSE has: Amazon Smile

  • Provided $170,000 in volunteer scholarships to physicians and therapists
  • Awarded over $450,000 in pilot research grants for innovations in hand care
  • Supported many affiliated organizations in their humanitarian efforts
  • Acknowledged and fostered excellence by honoring and recognizing the achievements of numerous AAHS members

With your participation, AAHS and the HSE can continue to ensure under-resourced areas around the world gain knowledge and skills to care for their communities, continue to award funding for research to optimize treatment for hand and upper extremity related conditions, and promote education at the highest level. Here are three easy ways you can help celebrate 50 years of progress and ensure 50 more:

  • Donate $182.50 which is $.50 per day for a year
  • Contribute $50.00 per month for a year for a total of $600.00
  • Give $5,000.00 as a one-time contribution or make this pledge over several years
  • All contribution amounts are welcome, as well as planned giving and other forms of donation

As a 501c(3) entity, all monetary contributions made to the Hand Surgery Endowment are tax deductible to the fullest extent of US law. The HSE's Federal Tax ID number is 37-1355162. Contributors will receive a formal acknowledgement notice from the HSE administrative office which includes information about tax deductible donations.