AAHS, American Association for Hand Surgery
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AAHS, American Association for Hand Surgery AAHS, American Association for Hand Surgery
AAHS, American Association for Hand Surgery
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Become a Member: Reasons to join AAHS

Reasons to Join

Today's health care professional is being pulled in many directions by a variety of external forces and organizations. Should you commit your valuable time and money to becoming a member of AAHS? We believe the answer is "yes"! Here's why...

  • Access to the highest quality education programs at reduced member registration rates.
  • Subscription to the association's peer reviewed journal, Hand.
  • Access to research grant funds.
  • Access to reduced fees for all Association-sponsored activities, products, and services.
  • Access to the prestige that accompanies membership in a professional society.
  • Opportunities to exchange ideas and interact with the most well-respected professionals in hand surgery and hand therapy.
  • Opportunities to serve in leadership positions within the society through the Board of Directors and committees.
  • Opportunities to help envision and influence the future of the profession.
  • Opportunities to see and hear about the latest products, ideas, innovations, and research facilities related to hand surgery.
  • Opportunities to receive recognition for professional accomplishments and for service to AAHS.
  • Opportunities for you and your family to attend AAHS at memorable locations across the United States and abroad.
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