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AAHS, American Association for Hand Surgery AAHS, American Association for Hand Surgery
AAHS, American Association for Hand Surgery
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Candidate Membership

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Candidate membership is available to students, surgeons or other individuals of the medical profession, basic sciences or allied services who are either in training or within two (2) years of completion of training in an accredited program in the United States or Canada and whose interests and contributions are related to the advancement of hand surgery and hand therapy. Subspecialty Certificate in Surgery of the Hand (formerly CAQ Hand) is not required. Candidate membership provides those in training with opportunities for immediate involvement in a national specialty organization, including participation at the Committee and Board of Directors levels, and interaction with established hand surgeons and therapists.

Note: Candidate membership is limited to two (2) years following the completion of training at which time Candidate members must convert to Active or Affiliate membership.

Candidate Members are not eligible to vote at Annual Business Meetings or hold office, but may serve on AAHS Committees and exercise voting rights on Committees to which they serve.

Application Requirements:

  • Application fee of $25.00 USD.
  • Professional photo
  • A letter from a Program Director, Program Coordinator or hand surgeon, confirming you are currently enrolled in or have recently completed an accredited program an accredited training program.
  • Copy of CV, papers, books, (include papers, books, chapters, presentations, organizations, and any other society memberships)
  • Copy of current board certification, if applicable.
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