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Grants and Awards

Annual Research Grant

Annual Research Grants were established to foster creativity and innovation in basic and/or clinical research in all areas pertinent to hand surgery. The awards are funded by the Hand Surgery Endowment and administered by the Association.
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AAHS/PSF Combined Pilot Research Grant

The Plastic Surgery Foundation (PSF) and the American Association for Hand Surgery (AAHS) recognize the importance of fostering the development of surgeon scientists and innovative research in hand surgery. The AAHS and PSF are committed to increasing the amount of research funding dedicated to funding pilot research studies that set the stage for applications to larger funding agencies. The grants are funded by the Plastic Surgery Foundation and Hand Surgery Endowment and administered by thePSF.
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American Hand Therapy Foundation Grants and Awards

HAND Journal Award

The HAND Journal Award is annually given to the lead author of a paper selected by the Journal Committee, Editorial Board and AAHS Membership as the most impactful and innovative from the previous year’s Issues of the HAND journal. The Award is presented to the selected recipient at the AAHS Annual Meeting along with a cash prize.

Lean & Green Award

The Lean & Green Award honors a deserving American Association for Hand Surgery Member who has decreased the amount of waste generated by any activity related to hand surgery or therapy as well as and decrease the total costs related to hand surgery or therapy, within their home institution or elsewhere.

Humanitarian Award

The AAHS Humanitarian award was established in early 2014 to honor a deserving Association member who has made or continues to regularly make unique or special contributions, and/or personal sacrifices for the betterment of humanitarian efforts. This award is funded by the Hand Surgery Endowment (HSE).
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Vargas Award

The Vargas International Hand Therapy Award is an outgrowth of the AAHS's mission and focus on education. Its intent is therapy outreach - to foster an exchange of educational ideas between therapists in the AAHS and in the host country to result in improved patient care for upper extremity problems. This Award is bestowed annually, reimbursing the recipient up to $5000 in trip-related expenses, including supplies needed for the mission, will be made to the therapist Award recipient.
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