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By-Laws Committee

The Bylaws Committee shall study the Associationís Bylaws and policies and propose changes thereto; review proposed changes submitted by the membership, evaluate policies and actions of the Association to assure that they are not in conflict with the Bylaws; and present recommendation to the Board of Directors.

Education Committee

The Education Committee shall study and institute programs to further the education of the members of the Association and others interested in the study of hand surgery and care, including education of primary care providers and others who interact with hand surgeons and hand therapists.

HAND Journal Committee

The HAND Journal Committee is responsible for oversight of Publisher selection (i.e. Publisher RFP development, evaluation of responses and Publisher recommendation to Executive Committee), participation and collaboration in HAND strategic planning processes, analysis of major changes with significant cost implication proposals, recommending to the AAHS Board the names of candidates who would be best suited to fill vacancies in future positions of the Editor in Chief, the Co-Editors, and the Chair of the HAND Journal Committee. The Committee shall work with administrative staff and Publishing office staff to ensure journal processes are efficient and effective for authors, reviewers and editorial teams.

International Oversight Committee

The International Oversight Committee will oversee coordination of all international outreach programs conducted by the AAHS and HSE including volunteer scholarships, the Vargas Award, the International Reverse Fellowship, international courses organized by the Education Committee, and the international e-lecture program. The committee will serve as a resource to facilitate potential cross over of programs and beneficiaries in an effort to maximize AAHS/HSE international impact.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee shall receive all applications, letters of recommendation, and other correspondence and information relating to applicants. The Membership Committee shall make inquiry and investigation concerning each applicant's professional, ethical, conflicts of interest, and moral character. Its recommendations will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for deliberation and determination of those to be included in or deleted from the membership ballot.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall conduct a call for nominations among the general membership for all positions with vacancies, with the exception of succession positions (Vice President, President-Elect and Treasurer-Elect). The Nominating Committee will consider all nominations, and prepare and submit a slate of one (1) nominee for each position to the Board of Directors. The list of nominees for all elected positions shall be sent to the members of the Association at least thirty (30) days before the Annual Business Meeting where the slate will be elected. Nothing in these bylaws shall be construed as preventing nominations from the floor by any member entitled to vote at the annual meeting.

Research Committee

The Research Grants Committee shall evaluate the applications for research grants each year. It should select the one(s) they believe deserving of a grant and the amount of that grant. Its recommendations are to be presented to the Board of Directors for its approval.

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee shall be responsible for the functionality, content and appearance of the AAHS website. Working with the central office the committee will arrange hosting, page and function creation and coordinate links to 3rd party functions. Also the committee will work with the central office in selection of 3rd party vendors who provide internet based services (eg. Online abstract submission, meeting registration, CME etc.) in addition to services offered on the primary website. The committee will work with the education committee to provide technical support for educational opportunities delivered through the website.

Vargas Committee

The duties of this committee is to plan for future trips through identification of local hosts (physicians and therapists), publicize award, solicit applications, review and vote on submissions, assure AAHS physician member involvement in trip, schedule presentation of trip at Annual Meeting and maintain budgetary guidelines.

Weekly E-Lecture Series

The AAHS weekly E-Lecture Series program was developed in 2015 to provide an interactive learning experience for under resourced areas of the world as part of the Associationís mission to advance global hand care and education. Each week AAHS facilitates E-lectures which are 30-45 minute talks followed by 15 minutes for questions and case discussions. These E-Lectures are offered to the international community.

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