Hand Surgery Endowment

AAHS Member International Volunteer Scholarships

The Hand Surgery Endowment has awarded funding to 7 AAHS member to participation in the following missions in 2023. The application is currently closed for 2023 funding, but if additional missions are made available will be reopened. We look forward to sharing funded members’ mission reports with the AAHS community next year!
  • Kathmandu, Nepal through ReSurge International | February 17 - 25, 2023

    One AAHS surgeon member and one AAHS therapist member will receive funding to serve on the ReSurge Surgical Training Team which will travel to Kathmandu, Napal in early 2023 for a mission focused on hand care and burns. ReSurge is asking all medical volunteers on this team to train their medical counterparts with presentations and hands-on teaching. There will be a virtual meeting approximately a month before the trip for the teams to be introduced and patients to be presented and discussed. About a month after the trip, there will be a virtual meeting to discuss patient outcomes and follow up care. The actual in-person visiting educator portion of the trip is for one week. ReSurge teams will use all local supplies and equipment - the only thing we will be sending is the emergency kit.

  • Programs through SurgiCorps International

    Zambia | April 15-22, 2023
    Zambia | September 16-23, 2023
    Guatemala | August 5-12, 2023
    Vietnam | October 28 - November 7, 2023

    Surgicorps International provides free surgical and medical care to people in need in developing countries. These individuals lack access to the most basic health care including specialty reconstructive surgery for the treatment of cleft lips and palates, severe burn scar deformities, and any number of acquired or congenital defects. In many of these countries, patients must travel by foot for hours — sometimes days — to get medical attention. Children with congenital deformities are often denied access to education, are subject to peer ridicule, and present a social and financial burden on a family already struggling for existence.

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