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Kumasi, Ghana Reverse Fellowship

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When surgeons from developing countries come to North America for fellowships, many choose to stay and not go home. All of our ancestors did the same. Instead of them coming to us, AAHS members can go to them in West Africa where the need for hand surgeon volunteer work is desparately needed and where education and surgical care may be most beneficial. This reverse fellowship is facilitated through Health Volunteers Overseas.

Reverse Fellowship Details and Logistics:

  • Duration of Kumasi mission is 2 weeks.
  • Kumasi is mostly English speaking and safe.
  • Currently, plastic and orthopedic surgery training programs exist in Kumasi, while a hand therapy program is to be established. There is a therapist willing to learn, and the surgeons in Kumasi have started to ask her to see patients in the clinic.
  • AAHS/HSE is an official sponsor of HVO which provides ground transportation, phone and internet service, and facilitation/organization of each mission. AAHS member participants are responsible for cost of flight to Ghana, lodging expenses, meals, and $150 membership donation to HVO — approximately $2,000 - $3,000. Some travel expenses are tax deductible through HVO.
  • Malaria prophylaxis is required.
  • HVO staff, US based surgeon site coordinators, and past Kumasi mission participants are available to discuss details and answer questions.

Past participants:

  • Donald Lalonde, MD (2012)
  • A. Neil Salyapongse, MD (2013)
  • Gayle Severance, MS, OTR/L, CHT (2014)
  • Heather Wood, BS (2014)

Trip Report from Dr. A. Neil Salyapongse ( 14mb)

To learn more about HVO and to inquire about the Kumasi, Ghana Reverse Fellowship, please contact Dr. Donald Lalonde at contact@handsurgery.org.
In the moment of need, the wise build bridges (African Proverb)

Kumasi, Ghana Reverse Fellowship