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AAHS 25 Year History Book
AAHS 25 Year History Book

About AAHS

The American Association for Hand Surgery represents a diverse but cohesive mix of hand surgeons and hand therapists. With a mission to work together to advance global hand care and education, the AAHS continues to grow and expand its programs each year. Comprised of over 1,400 members including orthopedic surgeons, plastic surgeons, general surgeons, microsurgeons, hand therapists, nurses, and basic scientists, the Hand Association is an inclusive organization that welcomes individuals who are interested in joining the organization to fulfill its mission.

Mission and Values

The mission of the AAHS is to work together to advance global hand care and education. The values which guide the AAHS include the following:

Innovation: Discovering new ways to advance education and practice
Synergy: Combining talents makes us stronger
Inclusion: Valuing diversity and transparency
Outreach: Working to advance collaboration and collegiality in hand care / advance better hand care for those who do not have it
Balance: Making it part of our lives, work and organization

Strategic Goals

  • Enhance international outreach
  • Provide innovative and high-quality education to surgeons, therapists, residents, fellows and all professionals dedicated to hand care
  • Deliver dynamic programs, resources and services that will increase member value and engagement
  • Promote and communicate AAHS's unique values

The Founding of AAHS

The American Association for Hand Surgery was founded by a group of American and Canadian hand surgeons. The group received their training under Dr. Joseph L. Posch at the Grace Hospital in Detroit and shared a vision of forming an organization that would represent the interest of all surgeons practicing hand surgery.

In 1970, that vision became a reality. The founding purpose of the American Association for Hand Surgery was to provide an educational forum to increase the professional expertise and knowledge of surgeons involved in hand surgery.

Today, the Association has grown to over 1,400 members and has been expanded to include hand therapist and other health professionals who care for patients with hand and upper extremity problems.