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AAHS, American Association for Hand Surgery AAHS, American Association for Hand Surgery
AAHS, American Association for Hand Surgery
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HAND, the Official Journal of the American Association for Hand Surgery Volume 17 Number 6 of HAND is now available online. AAHS members can access their subscription and read Online First articles and those in print publication by 1) Logging into the Members Only Area, then 2) clicking on the HAND cover.

Official Journal of the
American Association for Hand Surgery
Volume 17 Number 5, September 2022


Review Article

Reverse End-to-Side (Supercharging) Nerve Transfer: Conceptualization, Validation, and Translation
Jonathan Isaacs 1017

Wrist Ganglion Cysts in Children: An Update and Review of the Literature
Jieyun Zhou, Sami Al-Ani, Andrea Jester, Kerstin Oestreich, Carla Baldrighi, and Jeannette W. C. Ting 1024

Toe-to-Finger Vascularized Joint Transfers for Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Reconstruction: A Systematic Review
Kiane J. Zhou, David J. Graham, Richard D. Lawson, and Brahman S. Sivakumar 1031

Omega Flap Technique: Revisiting Conventional Wisdom
G. Balakrishnan, S. Vijayaragavan, and Somesh Balakrishnan 1039

Surgery Articles

Influences of Repair Site Tension and Conduit Splinting on Peripheral Nerve Reconstruction
David M. Brogan, Christopher J. Dy, Dana Rioux-Forker, Jason Wever, and Fraser J. Leversedge 1048

Anatomically Complete Supraclavicular Reoperation for Recurrent Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: Clinical Characteristics, Operative Findings, and Long-term Outcomes
Momodou L. Jammeh, J. Westley Ohman, Chandu Vemuri, Ahmmad A. Abuirqeba, and Robert W. Thompson 1055

Evaluation of Functional and Symptomatic Outcomes After Vitamin D3 Administration in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome With Hypovitaminosis D
Prakash D. Samant and Rohit M. Sane 1065

Ultrasound of the Median Nerve in the Surgical Treatment of Severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
William Melton, Maximillian Soong, Gabrielle Paci, Brian Clair, Dayana Blanchet, and Doreen Ho 1070

Long-term Clinical Results of Carpal Tunnel Release Using Ultrasound Guidance
Braeden M. Leiby, John P. Beckman, and Anthony E. Joseph 1074

Radial Nerve Palsy: Nerve Transfer Versus Tendon Transfer to Restore Function
J. Megan M. Patterson, Stephanie A. Russo, Madi El-Haj, Christine B. Novak, and Susan E. Mackinnon 1082

Effectiveness of Quickcast Versus Custom-Fabricated Thermoplastic Orthosis Immobilization for the Treatment of Mallet Fingers: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Priscilla K. Cavanaugh, Cynthia Watkins, Christopher Jones, Mitchell G. Maltenfort, Pedro K. Beredjiklian, and Michael Rivlin 1090

Current Management of Trigger Digit in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients: A Survey of ASSH Members
Rebecca Bickham, Logan Carr, James Butterfield, Brittany Behar, Ann-Marie Dyer, and Alexander Payatakes 1098

Outcomes of Management of Recurrent Dupuytren Contracture: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Chloe R. Wong, Minh N. Q. Huynh, Rotana Fageeh, and Matthew C. McRae 1104

Dexterity of the Less Affected Hand in Children With Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy
Matthew B. Burn and Gloria R. Gogola 1114

Single Versus Dual Headless Compression Screw Fixation of Scaphoid Nonunions: A Biomechanical Comparison
Luke T. Nicholson, Kristen M. Sochol, Ali Azad, Ram Kiran Alluri, J. Ryan Hill, and Alidad Ghiassi 1122

Diagnostic Performance and Advanced Imaging Reduction With Digital Tomosynthesis in Scaphoid Fracture Management
Eric Perloff, Keegan Cole, Sarah Sternbach, Andrew Rosenbaum, and David Quinn 1128

Sex, Race, Insurance, and Pain: Do Patient Sociodemographics Influence Postoperative Opioid Prescriptions Among Hand Surgeons?
Connor J. Peck, Martin Carney, Alexander Chiu, Kitae E. Park, Alexandre Prassinos, Omar Allam, J. Grant Thomson, and Adnan Prsic 1133

Is Opioid-Limiting Legislation Effective for Hand Surgery Patients?
Kalpit N. Shah, Daniel B. C. Reid, Jack H. Ruddell, Benjamin H. Shapiro, Peter James, Joseph A. Gil, Alan H. Daniels, and Edward Akelman 1139

Predictors of Secondary Ulnar Shortening and Reoperation After Arthroscopic TFCC Debridement
Svenna HWL Verhiel, Marco JPF Ritt, and Neal C Chen 1147

Treatment of Nonreplantable Total Thumb Amputation at the CMC Level Using Index Finger Pollicization
Ryan M. Dickey, Anna E. Meade, Sonya P. Agnew, and Andrew Y. Zhang 1154

Outcomes of Supplementary Spring Wire Fixation With Volar Plating for Volar Lunate Facet Fragments in Distal Radius Fractures
Nathaniel Fogel, Lauren M. Shapiro, Allison Roe, Sahitya Denduluri, Marc J. Richard, and Robin N. Kamal 1163

Percutaneous Threaded Pin Fixation of Distal Radius Fracture in the Athlete
Patrick M. Luchini, Julie E. Glener, Justin Vaida, Lucy A. McCabe, Andrea B. Lese, and John S. Taras 1170

Treatment Patterns for Distal Radius Fractures Before and After Appropriate Use Criteria Adoption
Richard Samade, Omar Zaki, Nolan Farrell, Nicholas Farrar, and Kanu S. Goyal 1177

A Multimodal Pain Management Regimen for Open Treatment of Distal Radius Fractures: A Randomized Blinded Study
Julian Zangrilli, Nura Gouda, Armen Voskerijian, Mark L. Wang, Pedro K. Beredjiklian, and Michael Rivlin 1187

Risk Factors for Prolonged Opioid Use After Open Treatment of Distal Radius Fractures
Mia M. Qin, Charles D. Qin, and Chirag M. Shah 1194

Understanding the Patient Experience: Analysis of 2-Word Assessment and Its Relationship to Likelihood to Recommend in Outpatient Hand Surgery
Lauren M. Shapiro, Kevin A. Thomas, Sara L. Eppler, Raj Behal, Jeffery Yao, and Robin N. Kamal 1201

An Analysis of Procedural Medicare Reimbursement Rates in Hand Surgery: 2000 to 2019
Danielle A Thornburg, Nikita Gupta, Nathan Chow, Jack Haglin, and Shelley Noland 1207

Malpractice Litigation in Hand Surgery: A Comprehensive Nationwide Analysis
Erica Umpierrez, Erin Ohliger, Joseph P. Scollan, and Joseph F. Styron 1214

Barriers and Facilitators of Outcome Collection During Hand Surgery Outreach: A Quality Improvement Study
Lauren M. Shapiro, M?ng Phan Šģnh, Paige M. Fox, Marc J. Richard, Sara L. Eppler, and Robin N. Kamal 1219

Effects of Injury Pattern and Treatment on Case Length and Disposition for Hand Injuries Treated Under a Workers' Compensation Claim
Aaron Gray and Colby Young 1228

Safety and Duration of Low-Dose Adjuvant Dexamethasone in Regional Anesthesia for Upper Extremity Surgery: A Prospective, Randomized, Controlled Blinded Study
Nura Gouda, Julian Zangrilli, Armen Voskerijian, Mark L. Wang, Pedro K. Beredjiklian, and Michael Rivlin 1236

Assessing Factors Associated With Altmetric Attention Score: A Preliminary Study of 3 Hand Surgery Journals
David N. Bernstein, Michelle A. Richardson, and Warren C. Hammert 1242

Addressing Surgical Instrument Oversupply: A Focused Literature Review and Case-Study in Orthopedic Hand Surgery
Joshua K. Helmkamp, Elliot Le, Ian Hill, Rachel Hein, Suhail Mithani, Patrick Codd, and Marc Richard 1250

Impact of Missing Data on Identifying Risk Factors for Postoperative Complications in Hand Surgery
Keith T. Aziz, Suresh K. Nayar, Dawn M. LaPorte, John V. Ingari, and Aviram M. Giladi 1257

Unplanned Office Visits Following Outpatient Hand Surgery
Clay B. Townsend, Tyler W. Henry, Kevin F. Lutsky, and Pedro K. Beredjiklian 1264

Return-to-Sport Time and Postoperative Performance in MLB Players Undergoing Wrist Arthroscopy
Erin I. Orozco, Andrea E. Guloy, Michael O. Cotton, Robert A. Jack, and Shari R. Liberman 1269

Automated Reporting of Patient Outcomes in Hand Surgery: A Pilot Study
Orrin I. Franko, Daniel A. London, Thomas R. Kiefhaber, and Peter J. Stern 1278

Local Anesthesia Alone for Postaxial Polydactyly Surgery in Infants
Kim A. Bjorklund and Meghan O'Brien 1286

Prevalence of Hand Malformations in Patients With Moebius Syndrome and Their Management
Jose E. Telich-Tarriba, David F. Navarro-Barquin, Karol Verdezoto-Gaibor, and Alexander Cardenas-Mejia 1292

Case Reports

Primary Distal Interphalangeal Joint Tenosynovial Chondromatosis of the Small Finger: A Case Report With Literature Review
Hunter Benvenuti, Christopher D. Liao, Brian Pinsky, and Michael Christy NP1

Salter-Harris Type III Fracture of the Distal Phalanx: A Rare Juxtaphyseal Variant
Edward J. Testa, Stephen E. Marcaccio, Lindsay R. Kosinski, Matthew C. Jones, and Julia A. Katarincic NP6

Giant Cell Tumor of the Triquetrum: Clinical Case and Literature Review
Adrią Calderon, Amalia Martķnez-Ruiz, Teresa Subirą-i-Įlvarez, Luis Oraa, Xavi Llorens, and José Maria Mora NP11

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