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AAHS, American Association for Hand Surgery AAHS, American Association for Hand Surgery
AAHS, American Association for Hand Surgery
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HAND, the Official Journal of the American Association for Hand Surgery Volume 16 Issue 6 of HAND is now available online. AAHS members can access their subscription and read Online First articles and those in print publication by 1) Logging into the Members Only Area, then 2) clicking on the HAND cover.

Official Journal of the
American Association for Hand Surgery
Volume 16 Issue 6, November 2021


Surgery Articles

Pediatric Hand Transplantation: A Decision Analysis
Kaitlyn J. G. Snyder, Sandra Amaral, Sudha Kessler, Debra Lefkowitz, Todd J. Levy, Jennifer Hewlett, Scott Levin, and Chris Feudtner 731

Trigger Digit Incidence After Carpal Tunnel Release: Reconstruction in Elongated Position Versus Traditional Carpal Tunnel Release
Ignacio Esteban-Feliu, Irene Gallardo-Calero, Sergi Barrera-Ochoa, Núria Vidal-Tarrason, Jorge Nuñez-Camarena, and Alex Lluch-Bergadà 741

Cost Savings of Carpal Tunnel Release Performed In-Clinic Compared to an Ambulatory Surgery Center: Time-Driven Activity-Based-Costing
Melissa White, Harsh R. Parikh, Kelsey L. Wise, Sandy Vang, Christina M. Ward, and Brian P. Cunningham 746

The Coexistence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Workers With Trigger Digit
Michael S. Fitch, Matthew S. Thiese, Eric M. Wood, Jay M. Kapellusch, and Kurt T. Hegmann 753

Surgical Anatomy of the Posterior Intermuscular Approach to the Brachial Plexus
Ilhan Akaslan, Ahmet Ertas, Mehmet Uzel, Cagatay Ozdol, and Kamran Aghayev 759

The Cutaneous Branch of the Deep Palmar Artery and Blood Supply to the Proximal Hypothenar Skin: An Anatomic Research Oriented to Flap Design
Daniel Postan and Luciano Augusto Poitevi 765

The Effectiveness of a Non-Invasive Shot Blocking Device for Reducing Pain of In-office Injectionsin Hand Surgery
Brian D. Rinker, David A. Atashroo, Megan A. Stout, and F. Ryan Wermeling 770

The Anesthetic Effectiveness of J-Tip Needle-Free Injection System Prior to Trigger Finger Injection: A Double-Blind Randomized Clinical Trial
Kushal R. Patel, David Fralinger, Kyle J. MacGillis, Joshua Wright-Chisem, and Alfonso Mejia 776

Overall Opioid Consumption Is Not Associated With the Amount of Opioids Administered and Prescribed on the Day of Upper Extremity Surgery
Bryan A. Hozack, Michael Rivlin, Kevin F. Lutsky, and Pedro K. Beredjiklian 781

Prospective, Double-blind Evaluation of Perioperative Intravenous Acetaminophen and Ketorolac for Postoperative Pain and Opioid Consumption After Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release
Elizabeth C. Truelove, Eva Urrechaga, Carmella Fernandez, and John R. Fowler 785

Long-term Effects of Skin Tearing on Outcomes After Collagenase Treatment of Dupuytren Contractures
Dafang Zhang, Philip Blazar, Kyra A. Benavent, and Brandon E. Earp 792

A Modified Suture Suspension Arthroplasty Technique for the Treatment of Basal Joint Arthritis: Short- to Intermediate-Term Outcomes
Ather Mirza, Justin B. Mirza, Laura Klingbeil, Joseph F. Pavlik III, Jonathan Muratori, and Terence Thomas 797

Bone Tunnel Orientation in Suspension Arthroplasty of the Thumb Carpometacarpal Joint: An Anatomical Cadaver Study
Leon van Bömmel, Sören Könneker, Lena Sonnow, Nicco Krezdorn, Andreas Schmiedl, and Peter M. Vogt 804

Patient Willingness to Pay for Faster Return to Work or Smaller Incisions
Aaron Alokozai, Sarah E. Lindsay, Sara L. Eppler, Paige M. Fox, Amy L. Ladd, and Robin N. Kamal 811

Out-of-Pocket Spending for Thumb Carpometacarpal Arthritis: Capitation Matters
Jessica I. Billig, Yu-Ting Lu, Brian P. Kelley, Kevin C. Chung, and Erika D. Sears 818

The Epidemiology of Operative Pediatric Hand Trauma: A Retrospective Chart Review
John C. Koshy, Luke J. Grome, Kelly Schultz, Bryce Bell, Edward Reece, and William C. Pederson 827

Tips and Pearls

Collagenase Use and a Trap for the Unwary in Patients With Upper Limb Spasticity
Suzanne M. Beecher, Billy Lane O’Neill, and Michael O’Shaughnessy 832

Surgery Articles

Dorsal Wrist Spanning Plate Fixation for Treatment of Radiocarpal Fracture-Dislocations
Elizabeth P. Wahl, Alexander S. Lauder, Tyler S. Pidgeon, Evan M. Guerrero, David S. Ruch, and Marc J. Richard 834

Autologous Osteoligamentous Reconstruction of Scaphoid Proximal Pole With Metatarsal Head and Collateral Ligament: Cadaver Anatomic Description of Novel Surgical Technique
Christopher G. Larkins, Shruti C. Tannan, Alison E. Burkett, Suhail K. Mithani, Ramesh C. Srinivasan, and William C. Pederson 843

Using the Tampa Scale for Kinesiophobia Short Form in Patients With Upper Extremity Specific Limitations
Joost T. P. Kortlever, Prithvi Karyampudi, Janna S. E. Ottenhoff, David Ring, Gregg A. Vagner, and Lee M. Reichel 847

Treatment of Sagittal Band Injuries and Extensor Tendon Subluxation: A Systematic Review
Kitty Wu, Geoffrey Masschelein, and Nina Suh 854

Case Reports

The Proximal Fasciocutaneous Hypothenar Flap Based on the Cutaneous Branch of the Deep Palmar Artery: A Case Report
Daniel Postan NP1

Morgellons Disease: The Spread of a Mass Psychogenic Illness via the Internet and Its Implications in Hand Surgery
Carl A. Nunziato, Brent M. Egeland, Andrew Gurman, and Steven L. Henry NP5

Nerve Grafting for Chronic PIN Palsy Due to Radiocapitellar Joint Entrapment 2 Years Following Closed Reduction of a Pediatric Monteggia Fracture-Dislocation: A Case Report With 1-Year Follow-up
Andrea E. Copeland, Jessica Gormley, Brian Chin, Pavlo Isak, and James R. Bain NP10

Revision Targeted Muscle Reinnervation Improves Secondary Pain Insult in an Upper Extremity Amputee: A Case Report
David D. Rivedal, Meng Guo, James Sanger, and Aaron Morgan NP15

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