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Lean & Green Award
The American Association for Hand Surgery (AAHS) and the Hand Surgery Endowment (HSE) established the Lean & Green Award in 2015 to honor an AAHS member who has decreased the amount of waste generated by any activity related to hand surgery or therapy as well as decreased the total costs related to hand surgery or therapy, within their home institution or elsewhere. The qualifying contributions of this individual could include publications, presentations or other actions that had a significant impact on reducing the garbage production and/or costs of any activity related to hand surgery or therapy.

If you have any questions or if you would like more information about this award, please contact the AAHS administrative office via email at contact@handsurgery.org.

The nomination cycle for the 2019 Lean & Green Award is now open. The 2019 Awardee will be honored at the 2019 Annual Meeting in California. Submit your nominations to the Awards Committee at contact@handsurgery.org by June 1, 2018. Please be sure to submit a short summary outlining the reasons for the nomination.

*Please note that self-nominations will not be considered by the Awards Committee and current members of the Award Committee and Board of Directors are ineligible for the Lean & Green Award.

Lean & Green Award Recipients

2018: Peter C. Rhee, DO
2017: Robert E. Van Demark, MD
2016: Mark E. Baratz, MD