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International Reverse Fellowship

The American Association for Hand Surgery (AAHS) and the Hand Surgery Endowment (HSE) established the International Reverse Fellowship in 2017. The program sponsors an international hand surgeon’s visits with AAHS member surgeons at their institutions with the aim to provide expert, hands-on experience so that this individual may return to his or her host country to better local care while also educating others in learned techniques to perpetuate the improvement of global hand care.

The selected International Reverse Fellow will receive $10,000 to be used towards a 4-week visit to North America to travel to the institutions of and train with two AAHS member surgeons. The 4-week period will allow for travel and 1 week at each AAHS member institution.

Fellowship Eligibility

  • Applicants must be surgeons between 30 and 40 years of age.
  • Applicants must have completed his or her surgical training and be early in his or her surgical career.
  • Ideal applicants are teachers; individuals who are excited to learn and educate others.
  • Applicants must be from a developing nation.

Conditions of Fellowship

  • The recipient will visit two AAHS surgeon member institutions over a 4-week period between April and June.
  • The recipient must submit a complete itinerary prior to travel to receive funds. Funds will be disbursed incrementally to the recipient.
  • AAHS and HSE are required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to document disbursement of funds, as well as to maintain annual reports on the funded programs. For reimbursement the recipient must provide a summary of expenses including original receipts.
  • The recipient may be able to use any leftover funds to travel to the AAHS Annual Meeting the following year to present a summary of his/her experience.
  • The recipient will be asked to document his or her experience with HIPAA appropriate photos and videos which may be used by the AAHS and HSE for promotion of the International Reverse Fellowship program.
  • Following the completion of the Fellowship the recipient will be asked to provide a video summary of his or her experience which may be used by the AAHS and HSE for promotion of the International Reverse Fellowship program.
  • The recipient will also provide a written report one year from the conclusion of the Fellowship on how the experience has affected his/her practice and local care.

Fellowship Application Process
To apply for the International Reverse Fellowship, applicants must complete the application form and submit to the AAHS/HSE administrative office by October 31, 2017. The application will collect personal information, professional information, information on education and training, a summary of clinical, surgical and teaching responsibilities, personal goals to achieve during the Fellowship, and career goals.

Fellowship Timeline

October 31, 2017: International Reverse Fellowship Applications due
December 1, 2017: 2018 International Reverse Fellowship Recipient identified and notified
February 1, 2018: Itinerary for travel submitted to Administrative Office
April – June 2018: International Reverse Fellow to travel to two AAHS surgeon member institutions over a 4-week period
Within 3 months: International Reverse Fellow to submit a video summarizing his or her experience
1 year post trip: International Reverse Fellow to submit a written report on how experience has affected his or her practice and local care

Host Institutions
Badia Hand to Shoulder Center hosted by Alejandro Badia, MD
HCA Grand Strand Medical Center Myrtle Beach hosted by Scott Duncan, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital hosted by Kyle Eberlin, MD
Mayo Clinic Rochester hosted by Peter Rhee, MD
Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center hosted by A. Lee Osterman, MD
Rothman Institute hosted by Asif Ilyas, MD
Texas Children’s Hospital hosted by William C. Pederson, MD

Interested in serving as a host institution? Please contact the Administrative office or 978.927.8330.

If you have questions, please contact the Administrative office at or 978.927.8330.