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Research Grant Recipients
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2017 Sonya Agnew
Chicago Association for Research & Education in Science
"Partial Wrist Arthrodesis vs MFT scaphoid reconstruction: Wrist Kinematics"

2016 Amanda Ross, MD
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
"LGR6+ Epithelial Stem Cell Augmentation of Fracture Healing"

2015 Amy Moore, MD
Washington University St. Louis
"Sensory Supercharge Nerve Transfer: Indications and Limitations"

2014 Christine Novak, PT, PhD
University Health Network
"Botulinum Toxin Type A for Cold Sensitivity after Hand Trauma"

2013 Scott T. Farber, MD
Washington University St. Louis
"Schwann Cell Senescence: A Result of Chronic Denervation?"

2012 Janae Maher, MD
Scott and White Memorial Hospital
"Outcomes of Corticosteroid Treatment for Trigger Finger by Stage"

2011 Samuel D. Buonocore, MD
Yale University School of Medicine
"Altering Tendon Biomechanics after Flexor Tendon Repair"

2010 Erika Sears, MD
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
"Economic Analysis of Finger Replantation"