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HAND, the Official Journal of the American Association for Hand Surgery Volume 13 Issue 3 of HAND is now available online. AAHS members can access their subscription and read Online First articles and those in print publication by 1) Logging into the Members Only Area, then 2) clicking on the HAND cover.

Official Journal of the
American Association for Hand Surgery
Volume 13 Number 3 May 2018



Current Evidence Regarding Routine Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Hand Surgery
John C. Dunn, Austin B. Fares, Nicholas Kusnezov, Miguel Pirela-Cruz, Gilberto Gonzalez, Justin D. Orr, and Mark Pallis

Open, Arthroscopic, and Percutaneous Surgical Treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis: A Systematic Review
Matthew B. Burn, Ronald J. Mitchell, Shari R. Liberman, David M. Lintner, Joshua D. Harris, and Patrick C. McCulloch

Surgery Articles

Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound for Nonoperative Treatment of Scaphoid Nonunions: A Meta-Analysis
Edward W. Seger, Julio J. Jauregui, Steven A. Horton, Gerardo Davalos, Erika Kuehn, and Michael A. Stracher

How Much Volume of Local Anesthesia and How Long Should You Wait After Injection for an Effective Wrist Median Nerve Block?
Lyndsay M. Lovely, Yasmin Z. Chishti, Jennifer L. Woodland, and Donald H. Lalonde

Independent Variables Affecting Outcome of Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery
Jacqueline D. Watchmaker and Greg P. Watchmaker

Self-Reported Outcomes for Patients Undergoing Revision Carpal Tunnel Surgery With or Without Hypothenar Fat Pad Transposition
Gregory I. Pace, Connor L. Zale, David Gendelberg, and Kenneth F. Taylor

The Effect of Isolated Finger Stiffness on Adjacent Digit Function
Rasha Baaqeel, Kitty Wu, Shrikant J. Chinchalkar, and Douglas C. Ross

Viability of Hand and Wrist Photogoniometry
Clifton G. Meals, Rebecca J. Saunders, Sameer Desale, and Kenneth R. Means Jr.

Functional and Quality of Life Outcomes of a Hand Surgery Mission to Honduras
Carolyn Chuang, Jacob Azurdia, David Asuzu, Kyle T. Ragins, Kevin Tomany, Sohel Islam, Steven Williams, John Safanda, and J. Grant Thomson

Comparing Biomechanical Properties, Repair Times, and Value of Common Core Flexor Tendon Repairs
Aakash Chauhan, Patrick Schimoler, Mark C. Miller, Alexander Kharlamov, Gregory A. Merrell, and Bradley A. Palmer

The Takei Handheld Dynamometer: An Effective Clinical Outcome Measure Tool for Hand and Wrist Function in Boxing
Ian Gatt, Sophie Smith-Moore, Charlie Steggles, and Mike Loosemore

Arthroscopic Assisted Resection of Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex Lesions: A 19-Year Follow-up
Endre Soreide, Jan-Ragnar Haugstvedt, and Torstein Husby

Biomechanics of the Proximal Radius Following Drilling of the Bicipital Tuberosity to Mimic Cortical Button Distal Biceps Repair Technique
Nikhil R. Oak, John R. Lien, Alexander Brunfeldt, and Jeffrey N. Lawton

Biomechanical Assessment of the Dorsal Spanning Bridge Plate in Distal Radius Fracture Fixation: Implications for Immediate Weight-Bearing
Jerry I. Huang, Bret Peterson, Kate Bellevue, Nicolas Lee, Sean Smith, and Safa Herfat

Relevant Insertion Site Anatomy of the Conventus Distal Radius System
Jacob Duncan and Marc Trzeciak

Radiographic Outcomes of Dorsal Distraction Distal Radius Plating for Fractures With Dorsal Marginal Impaction
Eric G. Huish Jr, John G. Coury, Mohamed A. Ibrahim, and Marc A. Trzeciak

Smartphone-Based Thermal Imaging: A New Modality for Tissue Temperature Measurement in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeries
Jue Cao, Kelly Currie, Patrick Carry, Grady Maddox, Samantha Nino, and Kyros Ipaktchi

Clarification of Eponymous Anatomical Terminology: Structures Named After Dr Geoffrey V. Osborne That Compress the Ulnar Nerve at the Elbow
Arvin R. Wali, Brandon Gabel, Madhawi Mitwalli, R. Shane Tubbs, and Justin M. Brown


Case Reports

Extensive Hand Thermal and Blast Injury From Electronic Cigarette Explosion: A Case Report
Ellen S. Satteson, Nicholas J. Walker, Christopher J. Tuohy, and Joseph A. Molnar

Median Nerve Injury After Removal of Subdermal Implantable Contraceptive
Joani M. Christensen, Nicholas M. Caggiano, Aviram M. Giladi, and Matthew L. Iorio

An On-Top-Plasty Reconstruction for Complicated Radial Polydactyly
Brian P. Kelley, Carrie Kubiak, and Kevin C. Chung