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HAND, the Official Journal of the American Association for Hand Surgery Volume 14 Issue 3 of HAND is now available online. AAHS members can access their subscription and read Online First articles and those in print publication by 1) Logging into the Members Only Area, then 2) clicking on the HAND cover.

Official Journal of the
American Association for Hand Surgery
Volume 14 Number 3 May 2019



The Trapezium Dislocation: Case Presentation, Review of the Literature, Radiographic Analysis Proposed Classification, and Treatment
Andrew P. Harris, Avi D. Goodman, Joseph A. Gil, Neill Li, Jeremy Raducha, and Arnold-Peter C. Weiss 299

Surgery Articles

Management Modalities and Outcomes Following Acute Scaphoid Fractures in Children: A Quantitative Review and Meta-Analysis
Ashkaun Shaterian, Pauline Joy F. Santos, Christine J. Lee, Gregory R. D. Evans, and Amber Leis 305

Touch Surgery: Analysis and Assessment of Validity of a Hand Surgery Simulation "App"
Jacob Tulipan, Andrew Miller, Andrew G. Park, Joseph T. Labrum IV, and Asif M. Ilyas 311

Ultrasound-Guided Hydroneurolysis of the Median Nerve for Recurrent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Scott M. Fried and Levon N. Nazarian 317

Analysis of Expected Costs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment Strategies
Michael T. Milone, Adnan Karim, Christopher S. Klifto, and John T. Capo 326

The Association of Perioperative Glycemic Control With Postoperative Surgical Site Infection Following Open Carpal Tunnel Release in Patients With Diabetes
Brian C. Werner, Victor A. Teran, Jourdan Cancienne, and D. Nicole Deal 333

Transbrachioradialis Approach to the Radial Tunnel: An Anatomic Study of 5 Potential Compression Sites
Jason R. Ummel, John G. Coury, Zachary C. Lum, and Marc A. Trzeciak 338

Lipomas of the Brachial Plexus: A Case Series and Review of the Literature
Alexander Graf, Kai Yang, David King, William Dzwierzynski, James Sanger, and Patrick Hettinger 342

Metacarpal Lengthening in Adults With Brachymetacarpia
Aaron Lam, Austin T. Fragomen, and S. Robert Rozbruch 348

Amniotic Constriction Bands: Secondary Deformities and Their Treatments
Benjamin T. Drury and Ghazi M. Rayan 355

Utility of the iPhone 4 Gyroscope Application in the Measurement of Wrist Motion
Nuphar Lendner, Erik Wells, Idit Lavi, Yan Yan Kwok, Pak-Cheong Ho, and Ronit Wollstein 361

Risk Factors for 30-Day Complications After Thumb CMC Joint Arthroplasty: An American College of Surgeons National Surgery Quality Improvement Program Study
Kalpit N. Shah, Steven F. Defroda, Bo Wang, and Arnold-Peter C. Weiss 366

Factors Associated With Radiographic Trapeziometacarpal Arthrosis in Patients Not Seeking Care for This Condition
Suzanne C. Wilkens, Matthew A. Tarabochia, David Ring, and Neal C. Chen 373

Interfragmentary Compression Forces Vary Based on Scaphoid Bone Screw Type and Fracture Location
Samik Patel, Nathan Tiedeken, Lars Qvick, Richard E. Debski, Robert Kaufmann, and John R. Fowler 380

Redefining Zone II: Anatomy of the Flexor Digitorum Superficialis Insertion
Luke T. Nicholson, Jeffrey R. Hill, Braden McKnight, Nathanael Heckmann, Milan Stevanovic, and Alidad Ghiassi 386

Treatment of Distal Interphalangeal Ganglion Cysts by Volar Corticosteroid Injection
Kent Weinheimer, Nathan Patrick, and Michael Darowish 390

Iatrogenic Injuries in Percutaneous Pinning Techniques for Fifth Metacarpal Neck Fractures
Sheriff D. Akinleye, Garret Garofolo-Gonzalez, Maya Deza Culbertson, and Jack Choueka 395

Diamond Stress View Radiograph for Thumb Metacarpophalangeal Hyperextension
Jeffrey A. Marchessault, Michael C. Knight, and Paul A. Henkel 402

Distal Radius Fractures: Does Obesity Affect Fracture Pattern, Treatment, and Functional Outcomes
Michael D. Montague, Jesse T. Lewis, Obadah Moushmoush, and Jaiyoung Ryu 407

Quantifying the Center of Elbow Rotation: Implications for Medial Collateral Ligament Reconstruction
Kraig S. Graham, Sara Golla, Sebastian V. Gehrmann, and Robert A. Kaufmann 411

Trends in Upper Extremity Injuries Presenting to US Emergency Departments
Eric Wenzinger, Angel Rivera-Barrios, Gil Gonzalez, and Fernando Herrera 417