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Official Journal of the
American Association for Hand Surgery
Volume 12 Number 3 May 2017



HAND Has Been Accepted to MEDLINE!!
Michael W. Neumeister 221

A Tribute to Jaiyoung Ryu, MD, From All of Us at the AAHS
Michael W. Neumeister 222


The Diagnosis and Management of Mallet Finger Injuries
Gregory A. Lamaris and Michael K. Matthew 223

Open Versus Endoscopic Cubital Tunnel In Situ Decompression: A Systematic Review of Outcomes and Complications
Alexander Toirac, Juan M. Giugale, and John R. Fowler 229

The Scaphoid Staple: A Systematic Review
John Dunn, Nicholas Kusnezov, Austin Fares, Justin Mitchell, and Miguel Pirela-Cruz 236

The Painful Sacrifice: The Epidemiology of Hand Injuries During the Holy Festivals in the Sultanate of Oman—A 10-Year Case-Control Study
Sultan Al-Shaqsi, Taimoor Al-Bulushi, Ayman Al-Salmi, Ammar Al-Kashmiri, and Ali Al-Lawatti 242

Surgery Articles

Prognostic Variables for Patient Return-to-Work Interval Following Carpal Tunnel Release in a Workers’ Compensation Population
Jenniefer Y. Kho, Michael P. Gaspar, Patrick M. Kane, Sidney M. Jacoby, and Eon K. Shin 246

Improved Surgical Outcomes With Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release in Patients With Severe Median Neuropathy
Nicholas A. Calotta, Joseph Lopez, and E. Gene Deune 252

Prospective Randomized Trial Comparing the Efficacy of Surgical Preparation Solutions in Hand Surgery
Peter Z. Xu, John R. Fowler, and Robert J. Goitz 258

The Effect of Therapeutic Whirlpool and Hot Packs on Hand Volume During Rehabilitation After Distal Radius Fracture: A Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial
Mike Szekeres, Joy C. MacDermid, Trevor Birmingham, Ruby Grewal, and Emily Lalone 265

Venous Bridge Arterial Grafting for Thumb Replantation
Eric R. Wagner, Allen T. Bishop, and Alexander Y. Shin 272

Mallet Fractures of the Thumb Compared With Mallet Fractures of the Fingers
Kamilcan Oflazoglu, Ali Moradi, Yvonne Braun, David Ring, Neal C. Chen, and Kyle R. Eberlin 277

The Stener Lesion: Historical Perspective and Evolution of Diagnostic Criteria
Meghan E. Lark, Brianna L. Maroukis, and Kevin C. Chung 283

Outcomes of Surface Replacement Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Arthroplasty Through a Volar Approach: A Prospective Study
Thomas E. Trumble and Dennis J. Heaton 290

The Relationship Between the Intercrease Line and the A1 Digital Pulley: A Cadaveric Study
Colyn J. Watkins, Nikola Zivaljevic, Kyle R. Eberlin, Michael Rivlin, and Chaitanya S. Mudgal 297

Drill Penetration Injury to Extensor Tendons: A Biomechanical Analysis
Jared M. Mahylis, Anora K. Burwell, Laura Bonneau, Lynn M. Marshall, and Adam J. Mirarchi 301

Letter to the Editor

Absorption-Dependent Negative Friction Coefficients in Tendon-Sheath Excursion
Yoke-Rung Wong and Shian-Chao Tay 307

Case Reports

Heterotopic Ossification After the Arthroscopic Treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis*
Mihir J. Desai, Hari Ramalingam, and David S. Ruch NP32

Flexor Tendon Rupture Due to Previously Undiagnosed Kienböck Disease: A Case Report*
Kenrick Turner, Nicholas N. Sheppard, and Samuel E. Norton NP37

Acute Isolated Flexor Tendon Laceration Associated With a Distal Radius Fracture*
J. Ryan Hill, Ram K. Alluri, and Alidad Ghiassi NP39

Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome of the Hand: Case Report and Literature Review*
C. Liam Dwyer, Maximillian C. Soong, and N. George Kasparyan NP43

Pediatric Hereditary Angioedema as a Cause of Acute Compartment Syndrome of the Hand and Forearm: A Case Report*
Chelsea Venditto, Zachary Jager, John LoGiudice, and Hani Matloub NP46