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Official Journal of the
American Association for Hand Surgery
Volume 13 Number 4 July 2018



Proximal Phalanx Fracture Management
Tim T. Lögters, Hannah H. Lee, Sebastian Gehrmann, Joachim Windolf, and Robert A. Kaufmann 376

Surgery Articles

Upper Extremity Trauma Resulting From Agricultural Accidents: Mechanism and Severity for Patients With and Without Upper Extremity Injury
Louis C. Grandizio, Benjamin Wagner, Jove Graham, and Joel C. Klena 384

The Incidence of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in Simultaneous Surgical Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Dupuytren Contracture
Mitchell Buller, Steven Schulz, Morton Kasdan, and Bradon J. Wilhelmi 391

Extended Periarterial Sympathectomy: Evaluation of Long-term Outcomes
Collier S. Pace and Wyndell H. Merritt 395

Surgeon Preference, Influence, and Treatment of Thumb Carpometacarpal Arthritis
Zachary Deutch, Steven R. Niedermeier, and Hisham M. Awan 403

Necessity of Immobilizing the Metacarpophalangeal Joint in Carpometacarpal Osteoarthritis: Short-term Effect
Raquel Cantero-Téllez, Kristin Valdes, Deborah A. Schwartz, Jean Christophe Arias, Ivan Medina-Porqueres, and Jorge H. Villafane 412

Association of Lunate Morphology With Carpal Instability in Scapholunate Ligament Injury
Eric Quan Pang, Nathan Douglass, and Robin N. Kamal 418

Temperature Rise in Kirschner Wires Inserted Using Two Drilling Methods: Forward and Oscillation
Scott Richard Anderson, Serkan Inceoglu, and Montri Daniel Wongworawat 423

Cost and Complications of Percutaneous Fixation of Hand Fractures in a Procedure Room Versus the Operating Room
Mark T. Garon, Patrick Massey, Andreas Chen, Trevor Carroll, Bradley G. Nelson, and Anne M. Hollister 428

Suture-Button Device Stabilization Following Ring Finger Ray Amputation: A Comparative Cadaver Study
Emily N. Morgan, Kenneth R. Means Jr, Adrian G. Paez, Brent G. Parks, and Peter C. Innis 435

Do Impairments Predict Hand Dexterity After Distal Radius Fractures? A 6-Month Prospective Cohort Study
Pavlos Bobos, Emily A. Lalone, Ruby Grewal, and Joy C. MacDermid 441

Conservative Treatment of Distal Radius Fractures: A Prospective Descriptive Study
Pilar Aparicio, Óscar Izquierdo, and Juan Castellanos 448

Assessment of Distal Radioulnar Joint Stability After Reconstruction With the Brachioradialis Wrap
Charity S. Burke, Keith A. Zoeller, Seid W. Waddell, John A. Nyland, Michael J. Voor, and Amitava Gupta 455

Fixation Strength in Full and Limited Fixation of Osteoporotic Distal Radius Fractures
P. Kaveh Mansuripur, Joseph A. Gil, Dale Cassidy, Patrick Kane, Augusta Kluk, Joseph J. Crisco, and Edward 461

Volar Locking Plate Fixations for Displaced Distal Radius Fractures: An Evaluation of Complications and Radiographic Outcomes
James Wilson, Jeremy J. Viner, Kavan S. Johal, and Michael J. Woodruff 466

Operative Management of Unstable Radial Head Fractures in a Young Active Population
Nicholas Kusnezov, Emmanuel Eisenstein, John C. Dunn, Austin Fares, Justin Mitchell, Kelly Kilcoyne, and Brian R. Waterman 473

Tips and Pearls

Wide-Awake Anesthesia in the In-Office Procedure Room: Lessons Learned
Robert E. Van Demark Jr, Hillary A. Becker, Matthew C. Anderson, and Vanessa J. S. Smith 481

Case Reports

Pediatric Digital Necrosis Secondary to Dressing Application: A Case Series*
Kim A. Bjorklund, Dahlia M. Rice, and Ashley N. Amalfi NP14

On-Top-Plasty for Atypical Thumb Duplication: A Case Report With 10 Year Follow-up*
Albert Pons-Riverola, Eric Camprubi-Garcia, Sergi Barrera-Ochoa, Josep M. Bergua-Domingo, Jorge Knorr, and Francisco Soldado NP17